On your mark, get set, swipe!


Hello, Single People! Congratulations for surviving the holiday season with most of your sanity intact.

Chances are, with all the time with family and friends whom you don’t already connect with all the time, the subject of your singleness as come up. Perhaps someone has weighed in on how you should really look to find someone in the new year, and hopefully this is not the same idiot who tells you that you’ll find love when you stop looking for it. Maybe someone else has gotten all judgy about the fact that you go on too many dates.

Whatever it is, at some point, someone who probably has not been single since before the invention of the iPhone might have suggested that you try a dating app. Maybe you’re cringing right now as your thumb hovers over the GET button in the App Store. Here are a couple of things to help you along with it so you can get on with the rest of your awesome life.

Is it just a tad desperate? Maybe. The same way you’re desperate to read your e-mails wherever you are, see what everyone else is eating on Instagram, or call a car service. That’s just how we operate now. Roll with it.

Isn’t it just so impersonal? I mean, someone is just swiping based on how I look! That’s sort of true. There’s usually a section for you to write about yourself. Some apps have a tonne of questions you can answer that helps them determine your “compatibility” with another user. Much like a CV, it’s really what you make of it. So it’s up to you if you’re going to be the sort who has blurry photos and a profile that proclaims height and weight and body type and what sort of situation you’re hoping to get out of this; or if you’ll have great photos of yourself, preferably doing things that indicate your interests and a profile that exudes your awesomeness.

It’s feels just a little too sleazy. I’ll give you that one. But over years of going out on Saturday nights and actually doing that meeting people IRL thing…I’d sum it up as both being pretty much the same. There are sleazy people. And there are really awesome people. Go on, give it a try. I guarantee you’ll figure out how to tell between the two on a dating app pretty quickly. Think about using an app as a really quick way to go through the funnel of thinking someone is cute, having them talk to you, and then realising that they’re so dumb you could never date them, without having to get dressed, go out and buy drinks.

As always, common sense applies when building your profile, choosing what to share when you do connect with someone, and all the way to your first date.

Happy swiping!



via Daily Prompt: Funnel


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